Welcome to Bones and Knives…
By Terry Carleton

This is not only the sight for my recording studio, but for me as well.
Feel free to look around my two-room (don’t forget the vocal booth) studio.  If you like what you see, go to the audio page and see if you like what you hear….

As you may know, I have been a contributor to Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Vintage Vault’ and their ‘Pawnshop Prize’ columns over the last few years. If that’s how you came to know me, welcome and as you’re checking out my sight, please go to the video page and watch the short called “Guitars”.
If you are one of my recording clients or students, ‘welcome’ and have fun.

As you'll see when you surf this site, I have all the necessary equipment to help you realize your musical goals. I have a lot of cool gear that is all available for you to use at no extra cost. If you need me to play it for you, I'll do that, too, and again, at no extra cost.

Even though I have a ton of gear, like most dedicated (hooked) engineers, I am ALWAYS adding. I have a very complete drumkit set up and mic’d. I have a wonderful new Knabe upright grand piano mic’d with PZM mics. I have a bunch of cool vintage guitar amps, mics, guitars, vibes, odd percussions and just a lot of fun stuff to help make your recordings cool and unique.

I LOVE recording, creating and engineering. But just because my studio is in my home, don’t dismiss it as a ‘home studio’. With the miniaturization of recorders and outboard gear, it doesn’t necessarily take a space the size of a warehouse to record most styles of music. And for that matter, I have a remote version of my system that I have used to record concert hall grand pianos, Hammond B3’s, choirs, and large horn sections, etc,etc.
Additionally, with the fact that all of the digital formats can talk to each other, I have become quite fond of the practice of getting and sending WAV or AIFF files back and forth to people via the web and working remotely or offsite during collaboration. This has been an excellent way to simply add a drum track or do complete mixes with people who aren’t even on the same continent as I am!

So have fun surfing around this sight, which was created by Mark Heaps, who isn't just my web guy, but is a long time friend and client of the studio.

Drop me an email and let me know what you think of this site - I’d love to hear from you!
Terry Carleton

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