>>>100 of my vintage collectable guitars!

Future Projects...
>>> My vintage radio collection gallery.
>>> Video tour of the studio.

Websights are like ever-changing kinetic works of art….or like an airport that is always under construction… one-man construction team is Mark Heaps….

OK, have fun at this page. You’ll find links to other aspects of my studio.

Click on the blue green radio link and you’ll find the audio page.

Click on the brown doggie, “Grrrlfrind”, to watch a cool flickr show that Mark put together from pix he took of the studio.

Click on the link to “100 Guitars” to see a very cool poster of yeah, 100 of my guitars….(we’re working on the poster for the next 100!!)

Click on the “More Important Stuff” button to see some mumbojumbo about songwriting and stuff that I don’t like talking about….

And then stay tuned for links to my radio collection and a video tour of the studio…

Terry Carleton

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