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Other then being a world renowned dog whisperer, baker, and occasional candle stick maker, I have been known to thump the skins of a drum kit once or twice.

So after the close of winter laste year a friend visiting my house thought it would be a fun idea to make a series of video drum lessons that involved no speaking. Somehow that turned in to me wearing my collectors Boba Fett helmet and him recording a series of really fun and whacky drum lessons online. So here is:
Boba's school of drums!
There are over 20 videos total that can b found on YouTube but here's 5 that I like a lot.

If you would be interested in taking lessons 1-on-1, I have a facility in San Jose, California. Two drumkits facing each other allow jam along mirroring for faster development of your chops. There is also a bass guitar and recording area so we can review your skills and get your ear used to following the groove of a song.

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